Yax Patel


Hey, I'm Yax Patel, a software developer based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I have developed a wide range of projects from games, to physics simulations, to full-stack web apps. I'm passionate about creating innovative software solutions to real-world problems.

Currently, I'm a Computer Engineering student at McMaster University. When I'm not studying, I'm attending hackathons, playing video games, solving puzzles, learning something new, or exploring nature.

Software Engineering Intern
Jun 2024 - Present
Developing internal tools for other teams.
Software Developer
Sep 2023 - Present
Developing a scheduler for satellite flight plan execution.
Software Engineering Intern
SynPage AI
Jun 2023 - Aug 2023
AI enabled Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
Backend Bruno
A zombie-survival/shooter game with an emphasis on verticality! Developed in Unity 3D and C# by Mash Backslash Studios.
A Reddit-like platform for remote students. Canadian high school students can share posts about homework problems they're struggling with. Won first place at the PTC Code Against Covid Hackathon. Built using Express.js, EJS, and Bootstrap.
Chess Bot
Compete against an AI chess opponent, which I made for my ISC4U final project. It was made in Unity using C#.
Fluid Simulator
A fluid simulator made by following Mike Ash's implementation of Jos Stam's paper on Real-Time Fluid Dynamics for Games. Developed using SFML and C++.
Spotify Media Controller
A desktop media controller that provides seamless control over your Spotify playback. It utilizes the Spotify API to help you play, pause, and skip tracks. The device also incorporates an OLED display, showing you the current song and artist information. Developed using the ESP32, C++, and the Spotify API.
Tackle emergency situations with step-by-step instructions using Emergency! Developed for the MERGE 2021 Hack + Policython in the healthcare track.
A place to keep track of all of your bills to manage your money. Won overall third place at the Google Developer Student Clubs McMaster Solutions Incubator. Developed using Next.js, TypeScript, Firebase, and Tailwind CSS.
Study Spot
Track how long you've been working in the library, then compete and show off your progress with an NFT! Won 'Most Creative Use of Verbwire API' at DeltaHacks IX. Developed using Next.js, TypeScript, Firebase, and Tailwind CSS.

Thanks for checking out my website!

Feel free to reach out to me at pately43@mcmaster.ca if you have any questions.